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Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The city derived its name from Tagalog word ‘may nilad’ which means "there is nilad’. This refers to the growing mangrove plant in the region. In the 16th century, Manila developed from a Muslim settlement on the banks of the Pasig River.

The US occupied and controlled the archipelago from1898 to 1946. The Metropolitan Manila region became independent in 1975. The city, which was severely affected by World War II, reincarnated and developed much to become the important cultural and economic center of Philippines.

Manila Tourism

Manila being a historic city is popular amongst the tourists. The Spanish in the 16th cent had once occupied the city then by the British for a brief period and then by the U.S. During Manila tourism the ...

Manila Government

Manila, the capital city of Philippines is administered and governed by a Mayor. Manila Government takes care of the 897 barangays, which are an integral part of the city. The barangays are the smallest ...

Manila Economy

Manila's economy is diverse and multifaceted. With its excellent protected harbor, Manila serves as the Chief Seaport of the Country, as the Port of Manila is one of the busiest in the world. Diverse ...

Manila Population

History reveals that the original inhabitants were the Tagalogs. But due to interaction with other cultures and migrations one finds that the Visayans, Bicolanos, llocanos, Maranaos, Chinese and Spaniards ...

Manila Language

Manila language reflects the culture of the land. The history of Manila reveals that the city has seen several phases of invasions and migrations and the ensuing mix of the culture. The national language of ...

Manila Weather

The Manila weather is hot and humid all throughout the year. But between the months of November and February the climate of Manila is cooler. The hottest month in Manila is May and the temperature is ...

Manila Geography

Geography of Manila reveals that the city is on the eastern shore of Manila Bay. Manila apart from the Manila city encompasses seven cities and nine towns. The city of Manila is approximately 38.3 square Km ...

Manila History

History of Manila takes one back before the Christian era and the archeologists date it around 500 B.C. The ancient history of Manila can be well understood from the displays at the National Museum and the ...
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