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Geography of Manila reveals that the city is on the eastern shore of Manila Bay. Manila apart from the Manila city encompasses seven cities and nine towns. The city of Manila is approximately 38.3 square Km and is located on the west coast of the Philippine island of Luzon. Manila is the capital of Philippines and is also an important commercial, industrial and cultural center.

The Geography of Manila also reveals that the Pasig River divides the city into two sections -the Intramurous (the old city) and the Ermita (important Govt. buildings and the hotels) and the new section on the northern bank.

The human geography of Manila reveals that it is the second most populous city in the Philippines. The city is located 950 kms from Hong Kong and is 2400 kms from Singapore. The present day physical geography of Manila was also influenced by the history as the layout of the city was not planned properly during the Spanish colonial rule. Whereas the new section is well planned

The geography of Manila helps one to understand that the city is divided into 16 districts with the 8 districts to the north of the river and the rest to the south the river.

The geography of Manila helps one to understand the culture. Both the environment and the physical geography influence the culture and the way of life of the people.
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