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Manila language reflects the culture of the land. The history of Manila reveals that the city has seen several phases of invasions and migrations and the ensuing mix of the culture. The national language of Philippines is Filipino and at the same time English is used in the government and business.

If one looks back it was in 1937 that the First National Assembly selected Tagalog (the indigenous language) as the national language. Later in 1961 Tagalog was called Pilipino and then in 1972 it was again renamed as Filipino. The other official language is English as mentioned in the 1987 constitution.

The other Manila languages include Chinese and Spanish apart from the several regional languages of Philippines. At times the official Manila language - Filipino is considered to be another name for Tagalog. While some believe Filipino to be a mixture of all the Philippines languages, dialects, English and Spanish.

The Manila language is the mixture of indigenous languages, Spanish and English. With the ever-increasing numbers of migrants other words have been also included into the lexicon. Though Tagalog is spoken in Manila but it cannot be made as a reference point as it is evolving. Now in Manila the middle and the upper echelons are bilingual and at times multilingual.

The Manila language- Tagalog is continuously evolving and at present one does not find any particular guidebook to provide for the correct usage. During this era of globalization it correctly reflects the ever-growing changes and amalgamation.
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