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Manila being a historic city is popular amongst the tourists. The Spanish in the 16th cent had once occupied the city then by the British for a brief period and then by the U.S. During Manila tourism the attractions of the city has got to offer every traveler something. The tour of Manila would include day trips, educational tours, religious tours and many others.

While during Manila tourism the tourist attractions includes museums, scenic beauties, the walled city, the forts that would be a unique experience all together. The Intramuros at the mouth of river Pasig is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world.

The Manila tourism would also include shopping and the traveler can visit the Ortigas Center that includes malls and has everything that the traveler wants. The other attractions include the flea markets and the best places to go would be the Baclaran, Divisoria and Quiapo.

Tourism in Manila also includes the various cafes and restaurants with the local and international cuisines. The entertainment and nightlife are other attractions of the city. The nightlife is quite popular and there are numerous bars and restaurants that open late into night.

During Manila tourism the traveler can make use of the Light Rail Transit, cabs, buses and jeepneys. The other means of transport is the tricycle that is available in the inner city roads.

The Manila Tourism also provides excellent accommodation that caters to every type of travelers. The accommodation in Manila is located mostly in the Ermita and Passay and the business center of Makati. The Manila accommodation is warm as the native are natural hosts.
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