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Enchanted Kingdom in Manila

Known as one of the most famous and biggest amusement parks in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom is visited by many people throughout the year. With its very accessible location and attractive features, there is no doubt that this place lures many tourists coming from the different parts of the country. For those who are new to this amusement park, it is worth a visit because they can do a lot of exciting and enjoyable activities inside its premises.

Enchanted Kingdom was opened to public on the 28th day of July year 1995. The concept behind this amusement park was developed by Landmark Entertainment Group and was followed after Knotts Berry Farm in California. Since the opening of the theme park, it continuously attracts a great number of people who want to unwind, relax, and enjoy.

For as low as 700 pesos per person, individuals who are in search for excitement and enjoyment, can surely have an all day ride at Enchanted Kingdom, as well as a full meal at some of the dining places inside the amusement park.

For those who have not visited Enchanted Kingdom, they will definitely enjoy in this place since it features numerous amusement rides and arcade games. The amusement park is divided into seven areas, namely Spaceport, Portabello, Brooklyn Place, Victoria Park, Boulderville, Midway Boardwalk, and Jungle Outpost. Some of the attractions in this place are Exodus the Ride, Rio Grande Rapids, and Kart Trak.

Aside from these, there are also exciting and thrilling rides for adults like Space Shuttle, Log Jam, and Anchors Away. In terms of dining, there are several restaurants and fast food chains inside Enchanted Kingdom such as Dominos Pizza, Amazon Grill, and Sips Ahoy.

How to Get to Enchanted Kingdom

Since Enchanted Park is very popular, tourists will not have problems finding the place even if it is at least an hour away from Manila City. Situated at the City of Santa Rosa in Laguna, Enchanted Kingdom can be reached by travelers coming from Manila by riding buses that can take them to Alabang, Muntinlupa City where jeepneys and vans bound to Santa Rosa are stationed.

As travelers reach Santa Rosa, there are cabs and tricycles that can take them directly to the amusement park.
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