Golf in Manila

Do you want to play a round of golf when you get to Manila? Are you looking for the best locations to play golf in the biggest capital of the Philippines? If you're an avid golfer who's a native of the Philippines or a recent visitor who hails from another country looking for excellent golf courses and country clubs when in Manila then this is the best resource for you. There's nothing like enjoying a game of golf that refreshes your skills and acumen when it comes to various challenges and terrains, you can get more than you are expecting when you want to play golf in Manila.

Manila the metropolitan city of Philippines is the commerce and business hub of the country. Like other attractions, Golf in Manila is also a popular sports activity loved by both native people and foreigners.

There are several golf courses in Manila that provides excellent services and amenities. The most notable among them are Manila Golf & country club, Club Intramuros Golf Course, Valley Golf & country club, Philippine Navy Golf Club etc.

Manila Golf & country club is though shorter than other championship courses but it provides all facilities that a challenging venue should have. Shell's Wonderful World of Golf and U.S LPGA tournament is hosted at the golf course of Manila.

Club Intramuros Golf Course is the oldest golf course of the country. Constructed in 1907, it is a part of history of golf in the country. Spread over an area of 3,352 yards this golf course is an 18-hole course equipped with all facilities.

Golf in Manila is a favorite pastime of both locals as well as tourists. It is also a major sports played in the city and many sports enthusiasts enjoyed it in large numbers
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