Likhang Kamay

Likhang Kamay in Manila is one of the mediums to support the local artisans and craftsmen by the department of Tourism and the efforts of the International Association of Hubert H. Fellows. The Manila Likhang Kamay is a yearly exhibit that features Filipino handicrafts. This has led to discovery and the development of the native craftsmen and their works.

The Likhang Kamay exhibit is a time to showcase the traditional Filipino arts and crafts and familiarize the people and the tourists with the national heritage. The Manila Likhang Kamay is a tribute to the creativity and artistry of the craftsmen. During the Likhang Kamay Manila the artisans are able to orders for their produce that at times are beyond their capacity.

The Likhang Kamay Manila one would find all types of handicrafts of Philippines that range from paper products, jewelry, wooden handicrafts, textile work, leather etc. This would be time to get in touch with the artisans themselves as they sell their produce.

Those interested in the handicrafts of Philippines the Likhang Kamay of Manila is the right place to be in and that is held during March/ April.

The Likhang Kamay exhibit helps foster appreciation of the national heritage and also lead to furtherance of the traditional arts and crafts.
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