Sayaw sa Obando

Sayaw sa Obando is an event that which is held in honor of Sta. Clara who grants children to the childless. It is said that the women who wish to have children should participate in the Obando dance and Sta. Clara would grant their wish. The popular dance in the Sayaw sa Obando is called the Obando dance. Every year during the month of May the dance is done at the tune of music instruments that are made of bamboo. Those who participate in the dance wear traditional dance costumes and dance on the streets.

During the Manila Sayaw sa Obando dance it is believed that the spirit of life enters the wombs of women. The dance is held on three consecutive days- May 17 for St. Paschal, May 18 for St. Claire and May 19 for Lady of Salambaw.

The Sayaw sa Obando in Manila is popular as people gather from far-flung places to dance and to get their wish fulfilled. If one looks back into history it is interesting to note that early Filipinos saw fertility also synonymous to wealth. The barren woman was considered to be in the lowest rung of the society. As a result the festival of Sayaw sa Obando Manila has become important.

The Manila's Sayaw sa Obando lasts for nine days and one can see a lot of drinking , dancing and singing. The patron saint is St. Claire and was the first to be enshrined at the chapel of Obando. This is a rite that has been brought from Europe by the Franciscan missionaries. The introduction of the Sayaw sa Obando in Manila led to the replacement of the other pagan practices and thereby helped in conversion of the masses in the past.

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