Senakulo in Manila is an occasion that is filled with processions in every Philippine town. The Senakulo signifies the Holy Week and is kept with great piety and pageantry. During the Manila Senakulo one can see rituals that are derived from Christ's suffering, passion and death. During this time one can see the locals enacting the similar way the Christ was crucified and processions leading with one carrying the cross and culminating in nailing that is enacted to affiliate with Christ.

These interesting reenactments are the passion processions that draws large crowd that tries to identify the sufferings of Christ 2000 years ago. The reenactment is done through narrative recitation or role-playing. Everyone in the neighborhood is waiting for the procession to pass by. The street Senakulo of Manila is another form of penance where the people are walking with the procession.

In other words the Manila's Senakulo is the centuries old passion play. It is now more fast- paced, lively and richer in music. The procession and enactment is interesting to see as the endeavor is to know what happened in the past and keeping it contemporary.

The Holy Week is an awaited holiday in Manila as it is packed with lot of activities that are held in church and in the town plaza. The foreign and the local tourists can witness the Senakulo in Manila that is held in March/ April.

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The tourists would find the Senakulo in Manila has been imbibed into the local culture and is practiced with great fervor.
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