Manila Hospitals

Hospitals in the metropolitan city of Manila offer high quality medical care and facilities. There are large numbers of hospitals located within the city or around Manila. Among them there are some special hospitals also that are little bit more expensive than the general hospitals. Most of the hospitals in Manila will require a down payment at the time of admitting the ailing. Except the special hospitals, all the remaining ones do not follow health insurance policies of U.S. Even if you compare the standards of medical care of U.S hospitals with Manila hospitals then the latter is far behind. But it doesn't mean that hospitals of the city will not take care of patient.

Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center
Delpan St., Tondo, Manila
Dr. Fidel Chua, Director
Tel: 245-4366 / 241-2606
Justice Abad Santos Mother & Child Hospital (NEW)

Numancia St., Binondo, Manila
Dr. Teodoro Martin, Director
Tel: 353-7001 / 353-6997
Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center

Pres. Quirino Ave., cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate, Manila 1004
Dr. Janet Del Mundo, Director
Tel: 524-6061 / 525-7019
Sta. Ana Hospital (NEW)

New Panaderos Street, Sta. Ana Manila
Dr. Mario Lato, Director
Tel: 516-6151 / 516-6153
Ospital Ng Sampaloc

Gen. Geronimo St. cor. Carola St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr. Marlon P. Millare, Director
Tel: 749-0222 to 23 / 749-0207
Ospital Ng Tondo II

Jose Abad Santos Ave., Tondo, Manila 1012
Dr. Marlon P. Millare, Director
Tel: 252-3942 / 251-9406

Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital

Lope de Vega St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
Dr.Ruben C. Flores, Chief of Hospital
Tel: 734-5561/314-6009/Fax: 735-7146
Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

San Lazaro Compound, Rizal Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
Dr. Ma. Alicia M. Lim, Chief of Hospital
Tel: 711-9491 to 98/Fax: 732-1077
Manila Doctor’s Hospital

667 U.N. Ave., Ermita, Manila 1000
Dr. Dante D. Morales, Director
Tel: 524-3011/Fax: 524-7376
Mary Johnston Hospital

1221 Nolasco St., Tondo Manila 1012
Dr. Myrna P. Velasquez, Director /Administrator
Tel: 245-5001/Fax: 245-0763
Medical Center Manila

1125 Gen. Luna St., Ermita, Manila 1000
Dr. Jose R. Relacion, Director
Tel: 523-8131 to 65/Fax: 524-3440
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

46 P. Sanchez St., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Dr. Hermogenes Purrugganan, Director
Tel: 252-39942/251-9406/Telefax: 252-3942
Philippine General Hospital

Taft ave., Ermita, Manila 1000
Dr. Juan Ma. Pablo R. Nanagas, Chief of Hospital
Tel: 521-8450/525-2584/Fax: 524-2221
San Lazaro Hospital

Quiricada St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
Dr. Arturo B. Cabanban, Chief of Hospital
Tel: 711-6120/309-9542/Fax: 711-6979
University of Santo Tomas Hospital
Espana Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr. Estrella P. Villar, Director
Tel: 731-3011
St. Jude General Hospital & Medical Center

Dimasalang cor. Don Quijote St.,
Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr. Rebecca P. Cuezon, Director
Tel: 731-2761 to 65/Fax: 731-2765
Amisola Maternity Hospital

1068 Hermosa St., Manuguit, Tondo, Manila 1013
Dr. Salome Amisola, Director
Tel: 252-3335/251-6742/251-2491
Amosup Seamen’s Hospital

Cabildo cor. San Jose St., Intramuros, Manila 1002
Dr. Luis V.Vizcarra, Director
Tel: 523-5267/527-8116 to 20/Fax: 527-3554
Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center

286 Bluementritt St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
Dr. Kasiam Lim, Director
Tel: 711-4141 to 51/743-1148/Fax: 731-8252
Clinica Arellano General Hospital

1430 D. Jose St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
Dr. Mercedez A. Villalobos, Director
Tel: 711-5631/711-5654
De Ocampo Memorial Medical Center

2921 Nagtahan St., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Dr. Antonio de Ocampo, President
Tel: 715-1891
Dr. Mirando Unciano Medical Center

V. Mapa st., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Dr. Luisita de Castro, Director
Tel: 716-7291 to 92
Hospital of the Infant Jesus

1556 Laong Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr. Pura B. Rodriguez Caisip, Director
Tel: 731-2771/731-2832/Fax: 731-2834
Mary Chiles General Hospital

667 Gastambide St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr. Rolando A. Florendo, Director
Tel: 741-3941 to 45
Metropolitan Hospital

1357 Masangkay St., Tondo, Manila 1012
Dr. Chong Chian .Chong, Director
Tel: 255-0401/Fax: 254-7356
Perpetual Help Hospital

1504 Laong Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr.Teresita T. Salazar, Director
Tel: 731-8177/731-8144
Perpetual Succor Hospital & Maternity, Inc.

836 Florentino Cayco St., Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Dr. Benedicto P. Rivera, Director
Tel: 731-1631 to 33/731-5774 to 75/Fax: 739-5778
Presidential Security Group Station Hospital

Malacanang Park, Manila 1005
Lt. Col. Benedicto A. Jovellanos, MC (GSC)
Commanding Officer, Tel: 521-2301
St. Mary’s General Hospital

1111 F. Huertas St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
Dr. Antonio G. Clemente, Director
Tel: 251-4729/Fax: 251-4749
The Family Clinic, Inc. Hospital
1474 Ma. Clara St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
Dr. Narciso G. Navarro, Sr., Director
Tel: 731-2901 to 09/ 731-2537
Trinity Woman & Child Center
2732 New Panaderos St., Sta. Ana, Manila
Dr. Edwin E. Dimayuga, Director
Tel: 564-1510 to 12/563-4488/563-1397/Fax: 564-1510 to 12
Tondo Medical Center
Kalakal St., Balut, Tondo, Manila 1012
Dr. Victor J. dela Cruz, Chief of Hospital/ Administrator
Tel: 251-8420 to 23/Fax: 252-8661
Vermont Maternity Clinic

931 J. Nakpil St., Malate, Manila 1004
Dr. Anastacia G. Macalino, Director
Tel: 523-1852
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