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Manila Jeepneys

Manila Jeepneys are the popular means of transport and are originally made from the U.S military jeeps left after the World War II. The history has it that when the American troops were leaving Philippines ...

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Manila's international airport is situated just 11 km / 7 miles from the downtown area and provides the chief gateway for entry to the Philippines from overseas. The two-terminal facility offers all essential ...

Manila Taxi Service

  Regular cabs can be hailed in the street or hired from stands located at strategic points around the city, such as major hotels, train stations, shopping centres and the airport. There are lots of ...

Manila Metro Rail

The LRT yellow line (LRT-1) runs north-south on congestion-busting elevated lines across the city, while the more modern LRT purple line (LRT-2) runs east-west. The service can be accessed via 31 stations ...

Manila Bus Service

Manila’s buses are banned from most city-centre streets, so they’re only worth using if you’re content to go somewhere on a main road, such as the Epifanio de los Santos Ave (EDSA), Quezon ...
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