Manila Jeepneys

Manila Jeepneys are the popular means of transport and are originally made from the U.S military jeeps left after the World War II. The history has it that when the American troops were leaving Philippines they sold the jeeps to the locals. These jeeps were modified and were made so as to accommodate many people.

Manila Jeepneys are the popular means of transport and that is not expensive. But given the popular use of the Jeepneys the government has put restrictions as the drivers are issued specialized licenses and only regular routes and with fixed prices.

The modern ones that are manufactured independently and locally have now replaced the original Manila Jeepneys. At present there are two types of Manila Jeepneys builders. The first are those who are the backyard builders. Secondly are the large volume builders who produce much more and invest more capital.

The Manila Jeepneys industry is facing stiff competition from the imported vehicles and other modern vehicles. The Jeepneys in Manila have evolved in the past two years more rapidly than in the last 50 years.

Now the Manila Jeepneys is the symbol of the Filipino fiesta period. The Jeepneys are now an expression of the folk baroque aesthetics that now reflects the psyche of the average Filipino male. The bright colors and the image clusters reveal the exuberant sense of public relations. The Jeepneys art has now changed and now reflects pop than folk and other reasons are the effects of the media and the consumerism.

To board the Manila's Jeepneys one needs to be desirous as if there is still space in the vehicle he driver courteously would welcome the potential passengers.
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