Manila Metro Rail

The LRT yellow line (LRT-1) runs north-south on congestion-busting elevated lines across the city, while the more modern LRT purple line (LRT-2) runs east-west. The service can be accessed via 31 stations along its 31km of track. Fast and inexpensive, it sadly doesn’t cover the entire city, but buses frequently operate from LRT stations to onward destinations, and it intersects with the MRT blue line. The MRT, based at Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), has 13 stations and runs through Makati to Quezon City and San Juan.

Manila Metro Rail is the hub of rail travel in the Luzon. The Manila Metro Rail travel includes the LRT and the MRT and is controlled separately.

The Manila is also serviced by the Manila Light Rail Transit System that caters to the transport of the city and helps reduce the traffic of the city. The Manila Light Rail Transit System has two lines LRT1 called the Yellow Line and MRT 2 called the purple Line.

The LRT is run by the light rail transit authority. There are two lines that daily run serving the city dwellers and ply along the length of the Taft Avenue (R2) and Rizal Avenue (R9). The other line runs along the Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard (R6) from Santa Cruz and through the Quezon City till Santolan in Pasig City.

The Manila Metro Rail also includes the MRT that is a Light rail transit system and one of the main transports in the city. The fares are cheap and it is air-conditioned but is crowded in the morning and evening.

The MRT is also a part of the main metropolitan Manila Metro Rail system that serves the Metro Manila. there is only one line and is called MRT 3 - Blue Line. It is also known as the Metro Star Express or the Metrostar. The MRT is operated by the Metro rail transit cooperation. The MRT is not related to the LRT that is different and also forms a linked system.

The Manila Metro Rail in the city includes both the LRT and MRT and serves to connect the city without any blockades and with ease. The train travel in Manila has made travel easy as compared to other means of transport.
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