Manila Taxi Service

  Regular cabs can be hailed in the street or hired from stands located at strategic points around the city, such as major hotels, train stations, shopping centres and the airport. There are lots of unlicensed cabs around and these are best avoided in favour of registered vehicles with meters. Some drivers may try telling you that the meter is broken - this is generally a ruse and visitors are best declining their services. Tipping taxi drivers is usual practice.

Manila Taxi Service is affordable and almost all of them are air-conditioned. The taxis in Manila use meter for the fare calculation.

Manila Taxi Service that includes the larger FX taxis that can carry between seven and ten people, can be stopped anywhere in the city. The Manila Taxi service is available at the international airport from all the points of the airport.

For the Manila Taxi service there are many operators and some of them are Nine Stars, MGE, EMP, Ace, Golden, Dollar, Obech, National, Lulu, Tai and many others. The Manila traffic is not good and getting from one place to another place would be a challenge.

Manila taxi service is cheap as the official meter drop is 20 pesos that is good for the first 500 meters and after every 200 meters the meter ticks regularly. The Manila taxi drivers are supposed to take you anywhere you demand but many of them are selective.

There are some tips for those who would like to use the Manila taxi service. One should always remember that there is abundance of taxis and if one does not like the first one can go for the next one. After getting into the taxi one should tell the driver to turn the meter on. If interested in giving tips it is more about the taxi than anything else. Tipping for the Manila taxi drivers are usually given by rounding up the fare.

Those travelers not satisfied with the Manila taxi service ca call up the Land Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board that has hotline numbers catering to the grievances.
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